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Installed on a customer HVAC circuit, Ergsense' technology correctly identified a major failure in the compressor and allowed a scheduled service and system replacement without significant loss of comfort. The events captured were compressor cycling, hard starts and fuse blowing plus supplemental heat activation. We will be able to use the events in tracking of other systems based on the learned KEV feature of the technology. This will improve our customers experience building increased brand loyalty for us.

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VP of Operations at Sunset Air

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Utilizing connected IoT hardware to minimize capital costs and employing expert knowledge of signals, power and machines to implement unique software driven solutions to monitoring and description of critical process, Ergsense delivers best in class machine and process monitoring. Our patented technologies are designed to economize hardware and data costs while providing ML/AI ready APIs with near "Zero Gravity" for data.

The Ergsense team has since worked together developing cutting edge solutions to customer needs. Experienced in full stack HW, FW and SW development methods, armed with industry leading toolsets and processes, and experts in platform creation for robust product features and life, the team has executed on multiple customer contracts and internal product development. We are experts in all aspects of IoT development, including low power design, coding for performance, mixed signal and RF design. Our FW and SW team routinely handles customer requirements for feature and bug tracking and resolution, integrating their process with the customer’s own systems such as Jira and Jeeves. Development and validation of complex systems that include assembly, C++, Python and PC, Server and Android apps is a specialty of our team.

Ergsense works with both large (Fortune 500) and small startups alike with intensity and attention to detail. Unlike many of our competitors, Ergsense is not “one guy in a garage” doing ECAD and PCB development of prototypes, leaving the heavy lifting of product completion to the customer. We routinely start with initial technology and business need discussions at the executive level, transition to proof of concept development working hand in hand with marketing and engineering teams, then complete the job with a finished NPI (new product introduction) process that includes all supply chain and manufacturing details and documentation. We handle agency and NRTL process management as well as continuation engineering as the product matures.

For one client, Namatad, an early-stage startup, executing on the production design of their UWB location and tracking tag Ergsense was able to reduce board size, add needed system features, and produce a design that met all functional and RF emission requirements. This was a close collaboration with the University of Washington PI and founder of Namatad, Dr. Matt Tolentino, who supplied a near production ready design for Ergsense to refine. Unique challenges due to COVID business interruptions, including supply chain issues with components, were handled by Ergsense through source management and parts substitutions. This success allowed our customer to focus on their client needs and to capture more business rather than worry about all the details of moving from the prototype to NPI stage.

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Ergsense develops technologies, products and systems that monitor critical industrial processes and machines Our services include … Technology roadmapping, tradeoffs and selection Architecture and design FW, SW and API development ECAD, MCAD, Industrial Design NPI build and validation Supply Chain management Customers include Fortune 500 as well as startups and innovators looking for our systems approach to product innovation.

Ergsense started with the idea of making a platform-based energy condition monitor for industrial loads that would accurately and inexpensively provide crucial business decision information to users and OEMs of industrial motors and energy intensive processes. That idea has blossomed into a patented technology, Detection and Tracking of Electrical Conditions and Trends System (DTECTS, US patent 10876928) and a platform (D.hat) and a related commercial product, Energy Sensing and Trending (EST) that give product developers and end users a way to achieve "zero gravity" data from millions of three phase current, voltage, power and other parameters per second. DTECTS and its related platform and product have taken 7 years to fully mature to customer readiness while being tested in multiple real world and laboratory scenarios.

Leading with the platform idea behind DTECTS, a specification based, future proof and standards based extensible development tool, Ergsense found that customers had diverse needs beyond energy while still related to industrial conditions based monitoring and preventative and predictive maintenance. To grow and finance our in-house development, Tomm assembled a lean team of SW, FW, ME and HW engineers and began proposing solutions to prospective customer needs.