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Energy Sensing and Trending kit product and dashboard

Ergsense announces availability of its Energy Sensing and Trending system for professional applications

Packing advanced technology into an easy to apply HVAC energy monitor tool that provides real time event tracking and visualization for the professional installer is the job of the new Ergsense Energy Sensing & Trending System.  In a box barely larger than a mint tin, this device has three channels of voltage and current monitoring, Ergsense monitoring FW and several communications options.

Each EST can collect data on three loads in single phase systems or be used to monitor three phase power with one remaining channel to monitor a single phase load, useful for 1phase to 3phase VFD systems. Incoming sensor data is via 333mV voltage out CT and 12V VTs which are available from Ergsense. Power to the module is via either a 5VDC USB charger or 8-30VDC industrial power applied to the wiring block. Mounting is via DIN rail clip, magnets or surface screws.

Ergsense Energy Sensing and Trending has been applied to HVAC for monitoring, predictive maintenance and selling efficiency upgrades.  Included capabilities include cost per day tracking, operational event tracking with alerts and detailed engineering data presentation.

HVAC Analytics
Ergsense EST HVAC Analytics presentation panels

“Installed on a customer home HVAC circuit, Ergsense’ technology correctly identified a major failure in the outdoor unit compressor and allowed a scheduled service and subsequent system replacement without significant loss of comfort. The events captured and characterized were compressor cycling, hard starts and fuse blowing plus supplemental heat activation. We will be able to use the events in tracking of other systems based on the learned KEV feature of the technology from Ergsense. This will improve our customers experience building increased brand loyalty for us.” says Trenton Fluetsch VP of Operations Sunset Air a Pacific NW HVAC Solutions Provider.

Live demos

This is an EST monitor connected to a home heat pump system at the electrical panel and communicating data to a local Raspberry Pi4 server.  Please explore the setup and snapshot page then take a look at the user customizable presentation page.  If asked, user is admin and PW is admin.  Don’t worry, you can explore all the settings options without making changes to the system in this demo.

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Ergsense supplies both the hardware and customization services to adapt its Energy Sensing and Tracking to clients’ specific needs.  Click to order

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Ergsense IP is covered by US patent 10876928