Press ReleaseD.Hat Product Development Kit Available

DTects Energy Sensing and Trending product

The D.Hat PDK is an energy meter for both single phase and three phase industrial application based on our patented Detection and Tracking of Energy and Condition Trends System (DTECTS). It is configurable as either a stand-alone system, or a cloud-based solution. Our Product Development Kit accelerates the evaluation and adaptation of DTECTS technology, enabling custom products to meet your unique requirements. Ergsense supplies the D.Hat PDK, and also is ready to provide custom HW, FW and SW development to meet your needs Contact to discuss your DTECTS needs.

D.Hat Product Development Kit Availability:

Orders are being taken now.  The D.Hat PDK includes: Integrated D.Hat System — 1 Ergsense D.Hat board pre programmed with DTECTS FW — 1 Raspberry PI4B – 4GB SBC setup for USB boot (no SD required or supplied) — 1 128GB USB3 Flash with OS, DTECTS Server SW and user instructions — 1 Machined Aluminum enclosure

Accessories — 2 600VAC rated VTs with ratios of 12.5, 25 and 50:1 — 2 150A:333mV CTs for use on loads up to 40kW 3ph 480V motors — 1 14 position mating screw terminal block connector — 1 24VDC / 1A PSU (80 – 264VAC input, input blade kit supplied) — 1 35mm DIN mounting clip with hardware for the system box

Resources Registered purchasers of the PDK receive access to: — D.Hat HW design files with option to purchase licenses to DTECTS FW — Access to a secure repository supporting the SW stack.  The DTECTS Server SW is licensable as an option — Access to the ergsense/DTECTS community support page

Pricing — contact to receive a quote.

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