Our Team

Meet our exceptionally talented team of business managers, developers, and engineers.

  • Tomm Aldridge, Founder at Ergsense

    Tomm Aldridge


    Tomm brings extensive experience in leadership, research and engineering from the high tech industry. A respected leader in power and energy systems, he has led the development of components for super computer and server power systems, as well as data center power architectures.

    Tomm invented and brought to market non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM) technologies, including large scale field trials and led the product engineering to deliver this technology to customers. He has been awarded 27 US Patents covering IoT, power systems, analytics, servers and ultra-capacitors.

    Tomm has authored many papers and been a speaker at the Aspen Institute, Intel Developer’s Forum and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. He is also an entrepreneur with successful ventures, including Ergsense.

    Tomm holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, and has done graduate work in Astrophysics at the University of Minnesota. He is a senior member of the IEEE, and a holder of the extra class amateur radio license.

  • Robert Aldridge, Business Development Manager at Ergsense

    Robert Aldridge

    Business Development Manager

    Robert is the Project Manager and Business Development Lead for Ergsense. He holds a degree in Economics from WWU and is interested in the interconnectedness of the world and it’s many systems.

    Bob has worked as a data scientist at an IVF clinic in the past, helping track and understand the way different factors effected pregnancy rates. His work helped improve the outcomes of the clinic’s IVF services.

    In charge of keeping Ergsense’ business moving forward, Robert helps understand customer requirements, budgets and schedules, and interfaces with our engineering team to make them a reality.

    In addition to his Ergsense responsibilities, Robert provides project management and financial insight to an NFT startup he has helped found. Bob resides in Olympia, WA and on his days off you might find him enjoying a good book, on line gaming, walking or playing pool at the local bar.

  • Jense Arntz, Product Development Engineer at Ergsense

    Jense Arntz

    Product Development Engineer

    Jense is highly experienced in SW, FW & HW development for IoT products. He is a graduate of Saxion University in the Netherlands holding a BSEE. He is highly skilled on numerous development platforms and is involved in every part of our design cycle, including prototype and production PCB design, assembling, testing, and supply chain management.

    Jense developed the Ergsense HW, FW and Server SW for the Energy Sensing and Trending product using the ESP32 platform and Python. He was able to take our original Arduino based prototype, desired performance specifications and sketches to final product. For our clients, he has developed on the ESP8266 and STM32 processors in Arduino and C/C++.

    Jense lives and works in China and provides a crucial link for Ergsense to far east suppliers and resources.

  • Eric Ding, Product Development Engineer at Ergsense

    Eric Ding

    Product Development Engineer

    Eric is Ergsense Embedded Software Engineer and Electronic Designer. He has expert knowledge in mixed signal circuit design and has been responsible for successful RF and EMI results on several of our projects.

    Eric brings and outstanding grasp of embedded system firmware development on multiple MCU platforms. He is proficient in C, C++, C# and programming assembly on ARM and 51 MCU. In addition, Eric programs Windows applications for test and validation use as well as for end users. Eric is an expert in PCB layout optimized for low power, signal integrity and manufacturing. He is familiar with the major ECAD packages, regularly using and converting between, Altium, Eagle, PADS and KiCad as our customers’ needs dictate.

    Eric holds a BS in Controls Engineering from Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. He is fluent in Mandarin and English.

  • Dan Hirnyj, Software and Application Developer at Ergsense

    Danylo Hirnyj

    Software and Application Developer

    Dan is a highly detail-oriented software engineer with a passion for clean architecture and clean code. Aside from delivering a high quality result for his assigned responsibilities, Dan likes to gain a system understanding and contribute to the quality of the overall product as needed.

    Dan’s technical skill comes from an education at the University of Illinois and participation in research programs there as well as at NASA’s Microgravity University program multiple times.

    Although Dan’s career experience includes recognizable names including Qualcomm, Xylem, and Medtronic, he has also completed many projects with small teams in an environment requiring self-management and organization. This work included ground-up design of complex systems across a variety of technologies for both mobile applications and web applications using: Django, ReactJS, React Native, Android Native, Flutter, Xamarin Android.

    Dan is a Bluetooth expert, especially on the Android side. In general, biggest strength is his ability to deeply understand a problem through clear communication, especially uncovering details that would otherwise be overlooked.

  • Michelle Song, Lead Software Engineer at Ergsense

    Michelle Song

    Lead Software Engineer

    Michelle is a veteran of the computer industry with over fifteen years of experience at Intel Corporation as a Senior Software Architect and Software Engineer in the areas of design for manufacturing, design automation, platform power modeling and computer aided design.

    For Ergsense, Michelle has managed complex SW projects, been the customer facing representative for our SW team, managing overall quality and bug resolution, and developed algorithms to detect motor parameters from AC flux data. Conversant with both process and development, Michelle continues to be a core player on the Ergsense team.

    Michelle is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with an MS and BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering. She has a US Patent in design automation and routing. Michelle loves the great outdoors and particularly enjoys exploring national parks and forests through foot, snowshoes or skis.

  • Alexander Dubovenko, SolidWorks CAD Designer at Ergsense

    Alexander Dubovenko

    SolidWorks CAD Designer

    Alex is a seasoned Business Development and Sales professional with more than a quarter century of experience in the wireless telecom industry who expanded his professional horizons and fell in love with CAD design using Solidworks more than 5 years ago.

    A successful freelance product designer, Alex has developed all of Ergsense’ mechanical concepts and final enclosure designs. Working closely with our customers, Alex is able to add manufacturability realism to the industrial design needs resulting in superior products.

    Familiar with injection molding, additive manufacturing and environmental requirements engineering, such as IP6x ratings, Alex is a valuable asset on the Ergsense team.