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DTECTS Toolbox

Embedded AI on the Fly

We understand that that the time and efforts to grow from Seed to Flower don’t come overnight so we created the DTECTS toolbox to enable the world to make machines intelligent. With the simplicity of adding HATs on top of PI Compatible SBCs we created Developer Kits for any industry, your journey will start on the fly. Plug and Play, with open-source hardware and BSP, your first prototypes will be fit to scale.

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Intelligence Where The Action Is

DTECTS™ – For the first time – "Integration of industrial power metrology with state of the art edge machine learning and analytics"

How It Works

Integration of industrial power metrology with state-of-the-art EDGE machine learning and analytics. A development toolbox that accelerates your machine intelligence to market on a development ready platform.

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REDUCE Data Gravity

Deliver distributed applications at the EDGE

Artificial Intelligence is applied to discriminate meaningful events and gives output to both the user and the Machine Learning engine. - Enable your EDGE applications with real time AI

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INFUSE Domain Knowledge

Make your products intelligent

DTECTS™ is a feedback loop in which OEM specific Domain Knowledge generates the event triggers with Key Performance Indicators while Machine learning refines the vectors. – Get started with the D.HAT toolbox to deliver your MVP for electrically connected assets

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Embed AI/ML inside YOUR products

Let's solve your use case togther

In additional to D.HAT the DTECTS™ embedded package (128Kb code only) is a truly horizontal ML/AI in the core were any signal can be described by the DTECTS™ Key Performance Indicators.

D-HAT Release 1.2

Embedded AI into your products

D.Hat is empowered by patented DTECTS™ IP what is an AI-empowered real-time feedback loop in which the machine Domain Knowledge of electrical signals generates event triggers into KPIs while ML refines the vectors. AI is used to discriminate meaningful events and gives output to both the user and the ML engine. This just as an example while DTECTS is a truly horizontal ML/AI in the core any signal can be described by DTECTS KPI IP.

DTECTS™ is a technology package that accelerates your machine power monitoring to market

  • Development Ready platform lowers R&D investment
  • Fast to implement and fully supported
  • Industrial Asset Independent – Use with any pump, blower,  Motor you connect to
DTECTS™ HAT (D.HAT) is your easiest way to s a six-channel AC coupled analog processing system Hardware Development Kit that is normally configured to provide power quality and energy metrics consumable for user software.

HDK – Hardware Development Kit

Available as a license to OEMs and intended for development use with the hardware design packages available in Eagle™ format.

  • D-HAT is a Rasberry PI-Hat release version 1.2
  • Analog front end IC – MCP3913
  • Form Factor – standard 56 x 65mm R-PI with 40 pin pass through the header.
  • Onboard processing – ESP32 including proprietary Ergsense firmware in ROM
  • Eagle™ design files and operating notes in a secure GIT rep (licensees only)
DC coupled inputs:

Voltage – 3 differential input channels intended for direct connection to voltage sensing transformers.

  • Full range input voltage: 20Vrms
  • Absolute maximum input voltage: +/-56V
Current – 3 differential input channels with jumper selectable CT burden resistor (in or out)
  • Full range input voltage: 0.71Vrms (burden resistor out)
  • Absolute maximum input voltage: +/-2V
  • Full range input current: 50mArms (with burden resistor)
  • Absolute maximum: 100mA


  • WiFi connection
  • Serial (3V Tx/Rx to PI header)
  • DTECTS™ API to user service
  • DTECTS™ Grafana server instance (AWS)

Power specifications:

  • From R-PI (approx. 70 – 130mA depending on WiFi activity)
  • From USB Programming Port (approx. 70 – 130mA depending on WiFi activity)
  • From Vs+ and GND on terminal block (6-36VDC, 2A industrial range SMPS, diode protected against reverse polarity). This input can power R-PI as well through the PI IO header (Up to 2A on Vs depending on R-PI load and input voltage)

SDK – Software Development Kit

The firmware is composed of a proprietary binary, supporting the basic metrology and a user layer that enables fast development of custom triggers and functions which use the supplied API provided with SDK.

  • Calibration settings are updatable with an Over the Air connection to the DTECTS™ servers (AWS or serial attached SBC)
  • Key Process Indicators based on trigger levels that are user set and can be dynamically adjusted in user SW running on a connected system are available and user-configurable.​

Supplied KPIs in the SDK are:

  • Motor Start / Stop with inrush characterization
  • Under-voltage / Overvoltage with event characterization
  • Frequency change on a chosen input


  • Real Power
  • Apparent Power
  • Phase Angle and Frequency on a channel
  • Frequency
  • Irms
  • Vrms
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