Ergsense Energy Sensing and Trending (EST) Tool

Product information


Professional HVAC Electrical Service Monitor

EST Monitor:

  • 6 channel instrument with 3 CT and 3 VT inputs
    • DTECTS FW to deliver recording and event information
    • Dedicated cloud connection via WiFi to the local WLAN
    • Database and visualization through the cloud connection to any device
  • DIN mounting kit
  • Magnet mounting kit for steel panels
  • Mating connector
  • 24VDC universal input power supply

Transformers – ordered separately.  For other ranges, please inquire

  • EST CT150        150A : 333mV Current Transformer
  • EST VT300-12   300VAC:12VAC Voltage Transformer with dual primary, dual secondary
    • up to 600VAC input use

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Professional HVAC Electrical Service Monitor

The Ergsense DTECTS Energy Sensing and Trending (EST) Tool is a high performing tracking and trending tool intended for load monitoring in residential and industrial branch circuits up to 480VAC and 1200A three phase.

The system consists of a cloud connected measurement device, appropriate current and voltage transducers, DIN mounting clip, mounting magnets and hardware.

As the system is very flexible, Ergsense offers a customization service to make your monitor perform exactly as you want it and can provide custom labels with your artwork for a small design fee.  Our reference dashboards and alert levels are very useful starting points!

Here’s what our EST can do for you in Commissioning, Operations and Pre-Sales Assessments:

  • Detect and report on the operating cycles of both Air Handlers and Chillers simultaneously
  • Detect and report on abnormal currents and voltages such as hard starts and power quality issues
  • Reports on total system operating system cost to run by day over any desired period
  • Reports detailed engineering data up to 4 times a minute
    • Real Power
    • Apparent Power
    • Voltage, Voltage Crest Factor, frequency
    • Current, Current Crest Factor

For ordering and customization services please contact:

Robert Aldridge